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Welcome to Christ First United Methodist Church!  

Pastor’s Ash Wednesday Ponderings

“All clean, Mama!” he calls

as he rushes around the corner,

his big, three-year-old hands up,

soap bubbles and water dripping onto the floor.

Suddenly I’m taken back,

and he’s just barely two again,

holding out his tiny little hands,

palms and fingers completely black,

            “Dirty, Mama!”

his face lit up with a grin of delight.

I take his hands in mine,

            “Isaac, what is this?  What were you doing?”

His eyes go round with wonder and excitement,

            “Fixing fire, Mama!”

Suddenly I know what he’s been up to,

     my mischevious toddler.

I go into the living room.

The fireplace doors are open,

      the ash scoop is no longer in the rack

with the rest of the fireplace utensils,

but lies buried in a pile of cold ash,

it’s handle sticking out over the hearth.


My son was fascinated with fire,

he loved watching the flames,

and he especially loved the pile of soft, black soot

left behind by the fire.


He looked at ashes and saw something exciting,

     not used-up remains.

He would see a miracle:

     a big log turned into something so light,

so feathery.

He would reach in to touch them, with awe and delight,

      for to him they represented new possibilities.


May the ashes of Ash Wednesday also represent to you

     a miracle,

a transformation,

the change from that which is heavy and hard,

to lightness and new possibilities

through Christ our Lord.

Sunday Morning Schedule

9-10:00     Sunday School  Classes will be offered for Children, Youth & Adults.  Childcare is provided.

9-10:00     Inspirea Morning Devotion for adults to be inspired as we gather together, check in with each other, spend time in scripture, share about how the scripture is speaking to us in our lives today, and spending time in prayer.

10:00-10:30   Fellowship Time  A moment to grab a cup of coffee, have a snack and visit with each other.

10:30-11:30   Worship  Childcare is provided

11:30-12:00  Fellowship and Children's Choir

12:00-1:30    Youth Group lunch and meeting  Our Youth group is open to youth 6th-12th grade.

We hope to see YOU there!!

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Wasilla, Alaska 99654
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Phone 907-376-3109
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"You've Been Swarmed" is our fundraiser to meet our pledge for the Imagine No Malaria campaign.  You may purchase 3 months insurance for a $100 donation, send our Mosquito Swarm to someone  for a week for a donation of $25 or have the swarm removed from your yard before the week is up for a $24 donation.  Call the church office or talk to Wendy to send a swarm, remove one or protect your property!




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